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Naruto - Fork in the Road
"You're making a mistake."
Sharp and dangerous, he turned his eyes to her at the accusation. And already, the kunoichi could feel the crackle of lightning in the air itself from his contained fury. Because Uchihas were never wrong. Because Uchiha Sasuke never made a mistake. Years had been dedicated to this course for them to abandon things now. Too much planning had gone into his every move for things to turn out otherwise. But Tenten knew better. Tenten was more practical.
No one was perfect.
It had been a flawed plan to begin with, filled with uncertainties and unknown variables that they would be forced to deal with when the time came. But she had been prepared for it. These were the principles that the life was based on. This was the structure that had guided Tenten's life since entering into it. And the kunoichi had agreed, believing that all their planning - all their experiences - had prepared them for the hard decisions that were to come. After all, infiltrating an enemy organ
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Naruto - Truth Be Told
Green as the leaves that covered their home, her eyes darted back and forth between them, pink brows furrowed in confusion and wariness. She was struggling to believe their words; whether she could trust them to be true or if it was another game for him to play. Tenten could understand her hesitation. The way the rumors went, Sasuke's last game hadn't ended too well for Team Kakashi.
But then, she hadn't been there to give the counter-strike.
Things were different now.
Looking at the younger kunoichi, she watched the other continued to turn the information over in her mind, severely hoped that the latter would fall in line quickly. There would be no time to look for another medic they could trust. Especially not one who could tend to her own protection, she mused, giving her bonds a quick once-over. It had been Tenten's decision to keep Sakura bound with rope and chains, knowing and having seen the strength she'd inherited from her Legendary Mentor. The last thing they needed was an at
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Mature content
Naruto - A Losing Battle :icontaoempress:TaoEmpress 0 0
Naruto - My Life in your Hands
She was not a medic. The others of her generation - Sakura, Ino, Hinata - had studied and worked to become a key component to their respective teams. To become the healing factor and advantage while working and fighting out in the field. But Tenten had decided long ago that her hands were simply not meant to save lives like theirs. No. The kunoichi had been born and created to take them away. And that, perhaps, was the initial reason why he'd chosen to keep her alive. At least, at first.
They were soft by comparison - passionate by their own right - but not quite as cruel or unforgiving as someone who made a living creating and making use of dangerous ninja tools. While there had been a spark of an interest at their initial meeting, it was never so all-encompassing as Ino and Sakura's infatuation of the prodigy. Even now, though both would feign to deny it, the rivalry and hope lingered. And while some were, admittedly, stronger (Hinata, at least had the strength of an entire clan's wo
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Naruto - Knickers in a Twist
Side-stepping what would likely have been a killing blow had he managed to connect, she twisted her body around in mid-air. And in a last second decision to tip the scales to her advantage, she decidedly stretched the reach of her arm as far as it would go, managing to close her fingers tightly around the target as she let her momentum finish the rest of the work. Seconds later, satisfaction and a good amount of amusement was had as his maneuverability became compromised as he practically stumbled over his own feet to keep from falling.
He really should've known better...
It was, perhaps, a cheap trick, as he'd said later on. But as she'd learned through the years, all tactics were fair game under the terms of war. Or, at least, a mock battle between two shinobi who held some amount of respect for one another. And, for the record, the kunoichi was more than willing to give and use every reason to get him to stop wearing that god-awful bow.
She was never one to focus to much on fashion.
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Naruto - So Much for Personal Space
He was like a ghost, pale skin against the glow of the moonlight. And in her half-waken dream, he was beautiful. But then, Gaara always seemed so magnificent in the desert. Even when it burned with death and bloodshed. Especially so. But in that instance, he just looked worn and weary and exhausted. And rightly so. It wasn't every day that anyone faced up against one free-roaming bijuu, let alone three. A well deserved rest was only natural, even for someone who rarely ever slept.
Such a shame that his standard issued cot was already occupied.
Not once stopping to check, the young Kazekage stretched and quietly - wordlessly - slipped under the covers, shifting a little to get more comfortable. It was only after he settled in that he finally took notice of her.
She laid there, still and unmoving as their eyes met. But despite finding herself suddenly in the same bed as the once murderous sand shinobi, Tenten had remained relatively calm. Her eyes were watchful, if not tired around the e
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Naruto - Change of Plans
It started with a simple gesture, as they always did in those times. The rain clouds had moved on towards the north, leaving behind a muggy and sticky mess that they were forced to trudge through, trading off the weight of the medic every few hundred miles in between. And in good faith, she offered him a drink from her canister - the last bit of water they had until a source could be found to refill - when they stopped to rest and regroup, which he took with great weariness. All the while, the kunoichi could feel his eyes burning a hole into her skull, setting her senses ablaze with their fierce gaze. She could see the suspicion in the swirls. The question in their focus: Why.
Tenten expected that much when she left the village to rescue Sasuke from his own blind hatred. And this was the thanks that was given for it.
Go figure.
He resented her, she could tell; was confused by her actions, she was almost sure. Because who in their right mind would turn away from the village they loved a
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Mature content
Naruto - Dog Days of Summer :icontaoempress:TaoEmpress 1 0
Naruto - Dissent into Madness
It wasn't supposed to mean anything.
"The deal's off." Cool, calm, and collected, she stood at the large windows of his office and looked out onto the dark city as the words left her, never once turning to meet the other's gaze. "This marriage is over."
In a moment of weakness and betrayal, she had agreed. In the midst of seeing Sasuke break every promise he had made to her, his second became allies with the Uchiha's greatest rival. Such were the ironic twists and turns of life. Besides, Tenten had been in the life for far too long for her to simply walk away without another thought. She had cared too much to leave them wide open for an attack. And there were consequences to such devotion, least of all from the organization she left behind.
You create so many enemies from the blood that covered your hands. And as skilled and talented as she was, talking on the entire underworld was suicide. So, when the head of the Sabaku came to her and presented the opportunity, the young woman had m
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Naruto - Just a Step Away
Music pulsing, she felt as if her heart would beat right out of her chest. The lights flashed and strobed in blinding hues, streaming across white walls and sequent clothes. And there was a distinct mixture of cheap perfumes, aftershaves, and sweat clinging to the air that had her wishing she'd never have to step out there, ever, in her lifetime. Tenten could live without the press of bodies and lack of personal space. Unfortunately, her target held other plans.
Not that Uchiha Sasuke was really a target of interest. On the contrary. In the grand scheme of things, she was doing little more than babysitting a prince who would never hold claim to the crown. When the time was right, the reigns to the kingdom would belong to Itachi. And the younger of the brothers would simply be left to his own devices; to choose to stay on the road that was mapped out for him or leave to walk his own path in life. But then, when you're one of two heirs to a multi-million dollar family company, maybe it's
:icontaoempress:TaoEmpress 13 1
Naruto - Ends of the Earth
It was unlike anything she ever saw or knew. There was no heat from the sand. The sun never seemed to move from its spot in the sky; the shadows at her feet neither lengthened or shortened. Time itself appeared to stand completely still since she arrived.  Then again, it wasn't every day that she had the privilege or curses to experience death and the underworld in such a casual manner. Most souls only made that journey once. And none of them, she suspected, were looking forward to spending time with Davy Jones, much less his Locker.
But there was a hunt to be had. And a lost soul to reclaim. It was not yet her time to lead; not for a little while longer if she held any say on the matter.
"The ship was yours."
So when she saw his figure in the horizon, the piratess merely met him with a mask of neutrality. And with each step the crew took, she became more and more lost in their relief and excitement. More engulfed in Lee's enthusiasm and Naruto's fire. That was not wha
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Naruto - Free Your Mind
Stark white floors lined with equally sanitized walls greeted her as she stepped through the door. On her left, tables were set up in jagged rows and rows of five from one end of the room to the next. To her right, torn and dulled couches and lazyboys were scatted about as if the whole hall was divided down the middle in war. And there she was walking the front lines as if she were Joan of Arc leading her resistance. But no. Those were only the lies her mind told her. Or maybe simply the only truth the world never wanted Tenten to realize.
Doctor Yakushi - Kabuto, just Kabuto, he always tells her - says that's where it gets a little fuzzy. Right around the middle.
"Kabuto..." Wincing, she raised a hand to rub away the dull ache forming at her temple. "...Orochimaru."
That was the reason why Tobi, her foster father, sent her here. Because there was a line between reality and fiction that she just couldn't seem to determine. Worlds melted together, drifting in and out of her consciousnes
:icontaoempress:TaoEmpress 3 1
Naruto - Top of the World
"Now arriving, flight 903 from Sydney, Australia at gate 214."
The smell of cleaning products and continually filtered air filled her lungs with every breath she took. Restaurants were just beginning to open up shop, switching out their employees from night to day shift, and adding just a faintly sweetness of fried oils and sugared pastries along with freshly brewed coffee into atmosphere to the terminal. This, she thought with some semblance of amusement, was becoming more and more familiar with each passing year. As many times as the young woman had traveled from Tokyo to China and back again, it had become almost second nature to maneuver her way through the check points and waiting areas. - To know where the best tea would be served or where she could find the greatest place to purchase reading material to enjoy during her flight. - Even more so now, after Naruto's first tour around the continent of Asia was launched off without a hitch some weeks before. But even she found
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Naruto - Here and Now
Five days of traveling had brought the mass group of Leaf shinobi to the heart of the Joint Army Base. All the while, it had been her belief that she and her team would have made the distance within three days or less on their own. After all, they were the fastest squad in the village, and one of the few who still remained together in the team they had started out with back in their Genin days. At least, that had been the case last week. Tenten wasn't quite sure the same could be said now. Since the formation of the Shibobi Alliance, they were no longer alone. And with the threat Akastuki placed on the entire world, they could not afford the luxury of working on their own anymore.
Looking out over the camp from her high perch, the kunoichi was hit with the overwhelming realization of what they were setting out to do; the realization of what they had already done. For the first time in recorded history of the shinobi, the Five Great Nations were joining together to fight a common enemy.
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For Miles and Miles... by TaoEmpress For Miles and Miles... :icontaoempress:TaoEmpress 1 0 Shit Happens by TaoEmpress
Mature content
Shit Happens :icontaoempress:TaoEmpress 0 4


NaruTen: Walking to a New Life Together (Closup) by JuPMod NaruTen: Walking to a New Life Together (Closup) :iconjupmod:JuPMod 140 4 The Tsunade to their Tenten's by BayneezOne The Tsunade to their Tenten's :iconbayneezone:BayneezOne 834 64 Mr. and Mrs. by Kanda111 Mr. and Mrs. :iconkanda111:Kanda111 79 22 Happy Birthday to Konoha's Weapon Mistress by KazameNiko Happy Birthday to Konoha's Weapon Mistress :iconkazameniko:KazameNiko 106 36
[Request | Naruto] Scripted
Summary: Request done for TaoEmpress for the prompt “Forever is just a place in someone else's story.” My guess at post-canon (since I haven’t finished the manga yet AHA) with a familiar AU twist, aaayyyy. Sasuke + Tenten.
* * *
* *
“I thought you might’ve forgotten.”
He expects to see some subtle indication of surprise -- a light tensing of her shoulders, her fingers curling swiftly but casually around one of the weapons tucked away at her sides -- but she does neither. She gives no sign of having been caught off guard, but after a few seconds pivots on one foot to face him.
Sasuke is unsurprised to find she matches his last memories of her perfectly. A little taller, a little leaner, maybe, but her face is unchanged. The same sharp angles, the usual collected expression, the familiar dark eyes that learned to give nothing away. After a couple heartbeats, however, the look in that gaze shifts just enough for him to predict some sarcasm.
:iconfeatheredshaft:featheredshaft 2 0
Final Fantasy VII | Aerith Gainsborough Doll by featheredshaft Final Fantasy VII | Aerith Gainsborough Doll :iconfeatheredshaft:featheredshaft 14 7 BELIEVE IN ME by shilin BELIEVE IN ME :iconshilin:shilin 4,287 68 Maestro by shilin Maestro :iconshilin:shilin 4,204 109 DORKBALL by BayneezOne DORKBALL :iconbayneezone:BayneezOne 839 68 NaruTen: Affectionate Chinese New Year by JuPMod NaruTen: Affectionate Chinese New Year :iconjupmod:JuPMod 147 6 Happy Birthday Nightwing by curry23 Happy Birthday Nightwing :iconcurry23:curry23 298 43 Thunder Dragon by MarioWibisono Thunder Dragon :iconmariowibisono:MarioWibisono 850 19 Mercenary Assassin by MarioWibisono Mercenary Assassin :iconmariowibisono:MarioWibisono 478 8 Final Fantasy VII | Tifa Lockhart doll by featheredshaft Final Fantasy VII | Tifa Lockhart doll :iconfeatheredshaft:featheredshaft 22 8 World's Collide by LoneWolf117 World's Collide :iconlonewolf117:LoneWolf117 215 38 Zuko Toph by Lacedra Zuko Toph :iconlacedra:Lacedra 17 4


I need to do better at updating around here.

I've...had this weird urge to punch something lately. Somethihng solid and hard (so those of you who were going to tell me to hit a pillow, sorry but no). It's not that I have some unreleased anger to deal with. To tell you the truth I've been quite passive for a few weeks now, pain-stakingly numb even to a point where I don't really feel anything. Emotions aren't the problem this time.

Maybe it's all just getting to me. With father drama, school stress, and old memories of things I'd rather's all building up. Is it normal to lay in bed for hours just staring at the ceiling? Cuz I don't think it is. Oh, no. The long hours of thinking have come back. Joy...

I need...something. I'm not sure what it is. I just know that I'm not getting it. Meh...


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