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She was not a medic. The others of her generation - Sakura, Ino, Hinata - had studied and worked to become a key component to their respective teams. To become the healing factor and advantage while working and fighting out in the field. But Tenten had decided long ago that her hands were simply not meant to save lives like theirs. No. The kunoichi had been born and created to take them away. And that, perhaps, was the initial reason why he'd chosen to keep her alive. At least, at first.

They were soft by comparison - passionate by their own right - but not quite as cruel or unforgiving as someone who made a living creating and making use of dangerous ninja tools. While there had been a spark of an interest at their initial meeting, it was never so all-encompassing as Ino and Sakura's infatuation of the prodigy. Even now, though both would feign to deny it, the rivalry and hope lingered. And while some were, admittedly, stronger (Hinata, at least had the strength of an entire clan's worth of tradition and skill), they hardly held the heart of a killer.

The fact that she did, apparently, was enough of a difference to catch his attention.

Months later and a rigorous training regiment that would've made even Gai-sensei proud, she found herself far from the gentle hands and caring glow of a healer. This late in the game - this far down the path - Tenten knew and understood that she was bordering on treachery in her chosen allegiance with the missing-nin.

Still, she relented. Still, the kunoichi conceded to her own sense of morale (apart from the village and what she was taught growing up) and kept to the promise they'd made one dark night in the bowels of hell. No matter what it took. Letting him roam around in the recesses of her mind in order to seal away portions of her memory only proved how much she placed her trust in him. Because the young Uchiha heir had shown that he'd do the same, even if it was for his own means and purposes.

So it was a refreshing shock to find him hesitating, even for just one split second, as he stood over her on one of Kabuto's old operating tables.

That just wouldn't do. "...Stop being such a girl. I'm supposed to be the nervous one, remember?"

His frown deepened under the intensity of the light, and she was met with a stark coldness that was as sharp as any weapon she could forge. It was reminiscent to days too far gone to recall, and very quickly, the kunoichi was reminded of another prodigy that was too engulfed in the policies and pride of his clan. And just when it seemed that all the red swirling in his eyes started to fade to white, Tenten felt the press of his thumbs against the points in her forehead. Before everything faded away to the pain.

Calloused fingers cradled her head as they lifted it up from the cool metal and her limbs fought against the restraints he'd insisted on using. - It was a good thing he had. - But still, she did not cry out; did not give in. Whether he'd admit to it or not, he was counting on her to be as strong as he assumed she could be. Even as the searing agony burned the back of her eyes and the base of her skull, Tenten had to live up to every potential he'd seen inside of her.

She would live to see his goals realized, the kunoichi had promised herself that much. And the world would be better for it, in the end, his former team, especially. If his path so happened to lead back to Konoha afterwards, so be it. If the worse he'd done against the village of their birth was to leave, then the kunoichi saw no reason for conflict. And every step away from what she'd known or what she'd expected from the world wouldn't have been in vain.
Theme: Gender confusion [ Wordcount: 684 ]
Character(s): Tenten, Uchiha Sasuke; brief mentions of Haruno Sakura, Yamanaka Ino, Hyuuga Hinata, Maito Gai, Yakushi Kabuto
Pairing(s): Hints of Sasuke/Tenten
Warning(s): None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but these words.
Note: A series of one-shots based on a plot idea originally made for the RP community of circleobetrayal on LJ that eventually inspired the fic 'Inheritance of Betrayal.' Theme borrowed from 30_tortures on LJ.
Dedicated to: ~featheredshaft
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